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Hunterdon County ESC

Teachers Assistant/Paraprofessional

November 2019 Newsletter:

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HCESC Co-Op Purchasing


The Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission operates a State of New Jersey Cooperative Pricing System, established in 1990, with the main objective of saving time and money. In addition, the bidding requirements for the goods and services purchased are satisfied. The co-op consists of over 600 members throughout the state. Schools, colleges, universities, libraries, counties and local governments are eligible to join and take advantage of the variety of bids available through the cooperative. 

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HCESC Campus Programs

 Thrive Day Habilitation Program:

Welcoming adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our purpose is to assist individuals in identifying their needs and preferences, by setting goals that lead to achieving new levels of independence.

This program offers:  

Education and training to learn new skills and strengthen abilities

  • Self-determination 
  • Relationship building,
  • Personal health and safety,
  • Creativity,
  • Physical activity,
  • Environmental awareness,
  • And community involvement.

​For more information 

Contact: Nisha Murray

(908) 439 - 4280 Ext 4700


Polytech Animals Science program:

The two-year Animal Science program enables students to relate principles of disease, anatomy and physiology,medical posology, terminology, and animal husbandry in order to guide decision making related to animal health. 


Environmental Sustainability and Engineering Program:

 This two-year program provides students with solid academic preparation for college and careers in the Environmental Science and Sustainability fields.