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About Us:

The Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission operates a State of New Jersey Cooperative Pricing System, established in 1990, with the main objective of saving time and money. In addition, the bidding requirements for the goods and services purchased are satisfied. The co-op consists of over 775 members throughout the state. Schools, colleges, universities, libraries, counties, authorities and local governments are eligible to join and take advantage of the variety of bids available through the cooperative.

There is no fee to join, belong or use any of the wide variety of bids available. Please see our "How to join" link for information on becoming a member. Once your membership has been approved by the New Jersey department of community affairs, you become a lifetime member.

HCESC Co-Op NJ State Approved

HCESC September Newsletter!


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Technology Installation & Integration #HCESC-Tech R22-02 has a new vendor, JCT Solutions. Click Here

New Bid: Wastewater & Sludge Analysis Services #HCESC Ser-22-12This bid is designed for Municipalities with their own water treatment facilities

 Food Service Supplies & Equipment #HCESC-Cat-22-08 with an enormous amount of products!

The New Physical Security Bid (#HCESC Cat-22-09) Available Now. Click Here

Need Tents? Party Equipment? Outdoor Furniture? Click Here 

 Click Here for all you need to know about Environmentally Friendly Electric Buses!

PPE Guide: Click Here

Click here for a link to all of our bids

District Savings!

Member district sales totaled over $103.3 million DISCOUNTED dollars in 2021!

Fliers For New Bids!

Technology Supplies & Equipment #HCESC Cat-22-01

Integrated Micro Systems, Trafera

& PC University

Technology Installation & Integration Services #HCESC Tech-R22-02

JCT Solutions

H.A. DeHart & Sons Transportation Bids:

Multi-Purpose Transportation Vehicles #HCESC-VEH-22-11


Type A, B & C School Vehicles #HCESC-VEH-22-10

September Newsletter 2022 (pdf)